Some videos I made during my time studying at UW-Whitewater. These were mainly done for assignments to help us better understand how to use software such as Adobe Photoshop and After Effects for animation, motion graphics, and other forms of graphic design.

Neurotransmitters Song

This is a short, animated edutainment video I made in After Effects that is meant to teach about how neurotransmitters work in the brain. I intentionally animated to look as similar to a classic Schoolhouse Rock cartoon as possible, which meant I deliberately used limited animation and animated at 12 FPS instead of 24 FPS. My sister did the song based on the lyrics I wrote, and she had a good time with it!

Kinetic Type

This is a “kinetic typography” video I made in After Effects. The task was to take some dialogue from a movie, TV show, etc. and make a creative animation using the text from the script. In this case, I used dialogue from one of my favorite movies, 2014’s What We Do In The Shadows, and I basically had a blast with it! I especially liked the bit at the end with the teeth turning into words as well as the ripple effect I used for the “of death” part.

Animated Monster Alphabet

This is an animated alphabet video I made in After Effects and Photoshop. As you can tell, I themed it after various classic horror movie monsters–from the mainstream to the more obscure ones–and played it to the tune of the classic novelty song, “Monster Mash”. And yes, I am aware that a letter or two is missing in this video, which is unfortunately because I was running out of time in this project, which is also why a few letters of the alphabet are not rendered as impressively as the rest. Still, I am proud with how it turned out.


This is an animation I made with After Effects and Illustrator that is designed to look like a screenshot for a fictional video game. In this case, I modeled it after various classic, side-scrolling shoot ’em up video games such as Xevious, Darius, Gradius, and Galaga, with a bit of Star Fox thrown in for good measure.

iSolate Commercial

This is an animated parody commercial I made in After Effects. As you can see, it is a spoof of Apple products and some of the more outlandish products that some tech companies might sell. I decided to give it a retro feel by using classic 1950s music in the soundtrack and basing the designs of the animation on the works of Saul Bass. I also did the voiceover for the narrator in this parody commercial, which is one of the few things I was not proud of with this because I was still learning how to edit audio, and it shows.


This is a more simple animation I did in After Effects, which consists of just a five-second countdown. The challenge for this was for me to make it simple yet visually striking at the same time. To achieve this, I decided to give it a freaky appearance with sketchy animated numbers, television white noise, and a heartbeat soundtrack. Overall, I think it turned out rather well.