Lyeme, Queen of Sisoa

(Lyeme is pronounced “Lee-Em-Ay”, and Sisoa is pronounced “Sizz-Oh-Ah”)

Lyeme’s Bedroom

This is a 3D modeled bedroom I created as a submission to the 2019 MAGD Expo at UW Whitewater. I was going for an ancient Egyptian theme, only with humanoid cats in place of humans and the people worship dinosaurs instead of the traditional Egyptian animals. I meant to add fire effects to the torches by the walls, but I ran out of time. I initially was uncertain how I was going to achieve a gold texture effect to some of the models, but I managed to figure out a way that involved gold colored specular maps.

I had a lot of fun with this project!  It was so cool to learn to research ancient Egyptian architecture and create my own pseudo-Egyptian hieroglyphics.

I won an honorable mention award for this.



Below is a few conceptual sketches I did for the room.